Know Why They Buy – James Cash Penney coined the phrase “We are all in Sales” he went on to say that he thought it was the human condition, that is to be a salesman. When you think about it, that is pure thought. It does not matter if you are a mom, negotiating with the kids about vegetables or bedtimes. Or a hot shit salesman negotiating a billion-dollar takeover. We are all in sales.

A Common Language

If you are in fact a salesman, no matter what you do, or are doing. It makes sense that you know who you are talking too. And more importantly, talking their language. I am not necessarily talking about the actual language, i.e., English, French, German or Chinese.

I am talking about their personality. We all have different experiences that make us well us. The BANK code breaks down their language into four distinct and fascinating differences. These types are Blueprint, Action, Nurture, and Knowledge. Thus, the acronym B.A.N.K.


This type is the person that lives inside the box. They will do anything to avoid risk or surprise. They like to know the details; they want to believe that everything is measurable. They like structure and stability and enjoy the process of planning everything to the smallest detail. That is there Why They Buy personality.


These guys are the movers and shakers, the million air makers. If you want to be spontaneous and have lots of fun, then hang out with this personality. They love their freedom and excitement. They thrive on risk and opportunity. Don’t be surprised if they blow off a meeting; it just means they found something more fun to do. They are born entertainers and light the box on fire. That is there Why They Buy personality.


Nurturing personalities hugs the box. They would rather give up a dollar than sacrifice feelings. They are all about teamwork, charity, community, and harmony. They are not to be thought of as pushovers. If you display anything unethical, or immoral, you have just lost the deal. That is there Why They Buy personality.


Why They BuyWhile others build, sale and hug the box, they thought of the box. These are the deep thinkers in the crowd. They are all about learning, technology, science, and universal truths. This individual understands the big picture; they thrive in research and development where they show off their expertise and competency. That is there Why They Buy personality.


As you learn more about why they buy, you will understand not how to sell, but in fact why they buy. It is a peridium shift that will make you successful in all of your sales endeavors.

We will have much more information in coming blogs, and always use as a resource.

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